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November 15, 2017

There will NOT BE an Eblast during Thanksgiving week.


Fr. Len and the musicians are preparing for the following liturgies:

Thanksgiving Eve Mass: 5 pm (the usual 10 am morning Mass will celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Advent: Preparing for a Miracle)

Christmas Day Mass: 10 am, Presider Fr. Len (music by Fr. Len, no choir)

An Advent Retreat for CHF, at Sacred Heart Retreat House is scheduled!

You are invited to be part of an Advent Retreat on Wed. Dec. 13th, at Sacred Heart Retreat House in Sedalia. Fr. Len and the Saturday Adult Education group will lead and facilitate the retreat, on an Advent theme: "Christ in born in us", or a variation of that Advent/Christmas mystery. You need to email Fr. Len or Maureen Crocker so we can forward to you information for registering yourself for the retreat, since it takes an individual registration. Everyone is welcome and invited!!! This is not solely a Adult Ed retreat. INFO: You can opt to arrive on Tues after 3 pm, and stay overnight (cost for individual room and 3 meals, is $100); or opt to arrive for the retreat Wed early morning, and join the group then (cost: $50 for daytime only). There will be ample time to share in the group, and personal time to use the beautiful campus ( Tues after 3, and during the day Wed until we leave by 4 pm. (Maureen Crocker:; Fr. Len: Register soon, while rooms are available!

Penance Service for Christmas Preparation:

We will have a parish penance service on Monday Dec. 11 at 7 pm. Fr. Len and another priest will be available for individual confession, but a general absolution will also be given. So, an opportunity for private/anonymous confession and face-to-face confession along with prayers, a short homily, and music will be part of the Reconciliation/Penance Service.

ADULT FORMATION IS CANCELLED FOR THIS SATURDAY, NOV. 18, SINCE Fr. Len and Deacons Bonnie and Michael, and other PARISH LEADERS WILL BE AT "VOICE AND EARS" GATHERING AT LIGHT OF CHRIST, ON FRI EVE AND SATURDAY with Bishop Francis. Pray for us, this is a discussion of the future of the region. Next meeting of Adult Ed will be Saturday Dec. 2nd.

A Candidate for Auxiliary Bishop, to assist Bishop Francis has been identified: Information, for the sake of the delegates of our parish (with your input) who will vote in December for the candidate: Rev. Denise Donato, pastor (since 2009) of Mary Magdalene Church in East Rochester, N.Y.

You have a chance to meet the candidate by following these instructions: Click on the link in the invitation at You need to download the share screen app before-hand – shown at the bottom of the invitation). Or you can choose to call in to one of the U.S. numbers listed below 1-302-202-5900 / or 202-602-1295 (But you won’t be able to see Rev. Donato).

The opportunities will be Tuesday, November 14, at 5:30 p.m. Mountain, 6:30 Central, and 7:30 Eastern time. The second opportunity is Sunday, November 19 at 5:00 p.m. Mountain, 6:00 Central and 7:00 p.m. Eastern. We estimate the meetings could go as long as an hour. (Feel free to ask Fr. Len about Rev. Denise, whose known her since 2004).

PLT Update- Where are We Going? Submit Your Questions

Thank you so much for submitting your pledges during our Stewardship Campaign in October. As we prepare for 2018, the PLT has been addressing questions about where we will be as a community, both physically and spiritually, and who will be our pastor. We have two new committees in place to help with planning efforts- Deacon Bonnie Pino-Fraser is heading the Call Committee which is reviewing the call process and the proactive recruitment of potential pastor candidates and Jack Coyne is heading the Site Committee to evaluate our current lease and whether or not we should look at a new facility or joint space.

The PLT meetings are open to the community but we know most parishioners are not available to attend. We want to make sure we address your specific concerns and want to give you the opportunity ask questions to the Parish Leadership Team. We will have a comment box in the lobby starting this weekend- please write down any concerns or questions you have and we will set up a meeting after mass in December to answer them.

Yours in Christ-
Vanessa Henk
President, Parish Leadership Team

PLT Update- Church Administrator Position Opening Soon

Our talented church administrator, Jennifer LaRochelle, will be retiring at the end of November and we are looking for someone to take her place. The part-time job is for 15 hours a week and includes vacation pay. The hours are flexible and the job can be done partly from home. Experience in Microsoft Word and Publisher is needed and QuickBooks is a plus. We are first looking at our community for Jennifer's replacement. Please e-mail me if you are interested and I will provide you with more information about job requirements and salary. We will start looking at other candidates after Thanksgiving. Thank you!

Yours in Christ-
Vanessa Henk
President, Parish Leadership Team

The PLT wants to know your opinion.

One of the issues facing Holy Family in the coming year is to decide whether to stay in our current location or move to another facility. It's not too early to start planning as our Lease on the premises ends in December 2018.

The PLT wants to know the Community's sentiments in this regard and is preparing a Site Survey which will be available soon. The intent is to find out what folks are thinking a out what we should do when our Lease ends and to solicit ideas and recommendations.

Please watch for this Site Survey and take some time sharing your opinion on this very important topic. The PLT is asking that the Survey be filled out and returned no later than December 17, 2017. Thank you.

Our Lay Pastoral Care Team is here for you.
  • Hospital Visits
  • Eucharist Visits
  • Phone Calls
  • Prayer
Please let us know how we can serve you. We are in this together, Holy Family!

Call 24/7...303-997-7538

Friends of St. Andrew

As soon as I opened the trunk the volunteer that came to receive our offerings exclaimed "Oh thank goodness, we don't have any chili or beef stew! This is a real blessing". Thank all of you again for your generosity.

Next month Dec. 2nd and 3rd we are asked to bring Vienna sausage and canned chicken.

The numbers of people that need help remain high. Let's continue to help feed them.

Mary Sutherland

Fr. Len's Availability and Office Hours

Fr. Len is a certified spiritual director; and is open to working with parishioners for counseling or direction, on the days he is at the parish.

The Pastoral Care Line will be available for prayer requests or emergencies at 303-997-7538.

Partylite Party and Stained Glass, November 18th

Family and Friends

It is time for our annual Partylite show at Holy Family, where the "hostess credits" go toward candles for our liturgical environment. In the message directly above this you will find the website sign-in for our Consultant, Mandy Herner.

The website will ask for the name of the hostess...that would be me. That will get you into the online catalog. When you place your order the credit will go directly to the party.

Of course, you could come to the party at Holy Family on Saturday, November 18, from 10:00 - 12:00, look at the lovely things and place an order then. Would love to see need to RSVP. There will be cake.

Jack Coyne and Miki Tyrrell will also have for sale their stained glass Christmas ornaments along with other Holiday stained glass pieces.

Gayle Craun

Deacon David's Blog

Another blog from Deacon David.

The Donuts have been found!

The signup sheet for donuts is available in the Gathering Space. Again thank you everyone for your contributions.

Ministers of Sacred Space

Volunteers for the months of 2018 beginning in February are needed. If you feel so called, please sign up in the Gathering Space. This ministry is flexible and can work around your schedule. Thank you very much.

Children's Liturgy of the Word is Back

The school year is upon us once again! That means it is time for our elementary age kids to gather again during Mass for Christ-centered message geared just for them. This year, we'll focus on the liturgical year, saints, and some of my favorite Bible stories.

RMRC Lay Representative Needed!!

Due to a new work schedule Lara Martinez will be stepping down from the Rocky Mountain Regional Council as the lay representative.

We are looking as a community to replace this lay leadership position. RMRC meetings are the 1st Thursday of each month, in Northglenn at the Church of the Beloved at 6:30pm. This is a great opportunity to meet other people from our sister communities and to gain insight into the successes and obstacles of our region. If you have questions about the council please see Lara Martinez. If you are interested in serving on the council please let Lara Martinez or Vanessa Henk know.

King Soopers Gift Card Program

Want to help Holy Family earn money just by buying groceries???? You already shop at King Soopers, but we are reminding you to shop for s cause!

Holy Family purchases $5 gift cards from the Gift Services Department and sells them to the community for face value. You can then RELOAD any amount up to $500 on their card, in a separate transaction, each time you shop. Holy Family earns 5% on the amount of those RELOADS. You can RELOAD with credit or debit card, cash, or check. When Holy Family reaches $5,000 or more, with RELOADS and orders, in the four-week cycle, Holy Family will earn a 5% rebate.

Currently we earn almost $4000 per year from this program. Ask Judy Kendzora or the office for your card today or if you have any questions. It’s a “Sooper” easy way to support the church.

Have you read the Holy Family blog yet?

If no, why not? We've built quite a collection of great stories in just a few short months. It's a great way to engage with your faith and with the changes our community is facing. Church is more than what happens here on Sunday mornings! Remember, you can find our blog under the "Connect" tab in the upper right corner of our website.

We'd want to continue to share stories from the community about the transitions you've experienced in your lives. Send your stories to

ECC Public Relations Volunteer

The ECC is looking for a volunteer to coordinate its various public relations and communications activities. These include working with our public relations contractor, overseeing and working with the newsletter editor, various uses of social media (e.g. facebook and twitter), and other marketing efforts. Some of these may be carried out by others, but their coordination so that they complement each other is important. The coordinator will work closely with the Office of Presiding Bishop and other ECC leaders.

It would be most helpful if the coordinator has some experience in the use of public relations, communications, and marketing, but extensive experience isn’t necessary. Anyone interested in giving their services to the ECC in these efforts should contact Bishop Francis ( and mention their particular interests or experience.