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rustic photo depicting Jesus' hands handing a loaf of bread to another man

Oratory of St. Finbar (560-610), Patron Saint of Cork | Gougane Barra, County Cork, Ireland

Depth with God and One Another

Holy Family is in the midst of a transition. We are in a liminal space, as we call a new pastor to lead us into the future. Despite, and even because of this, we are still growing! We are learning to trust God in new ways and we are connecting with one another about our hopes and our fears.

We are praying together as a community, too. We have all taken a copy of the prayer printed below home with us and placed in a prominent place. Whether it’s on the kitchen table or our bathroom mirror, we are committed to praying for the future of our church.

God of All,

Your Spirit has always been leading Holy Family. From humble beginnings, we have chosen to trust You and to believe that You are working all things for the good of those who love you.

As we work together to call our new pastor, we ask that your Spirit would surround this Holy Family. Grant us wisdom and discernment as we call forth our new pastor.

May we trust you and one another throughout this process. May we be moved by a desire for unity and a sense of hope for our future.

Remind us that, in all things, we are on this journey together

In the name of the One who is with us and within us,


Perhaps you might like to pray with us! Please do. While we may not always understand how, we do believe that prayer works. God is still moving and active and hears our prayers.

And we’d love to see you with us on Sunday mornings at 10am for worship, too!

Photo: "Gougane Barra Reflection" January 8, 2006 | ©mozzercork. Licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 2.0. Cropped from original.